Here’s to More Popular, More Powerful Blogging in 2014


This is for both bloggers and readers.  It’s different from my usual type of article, but I hope you will read on.


Are you a blogger? Do you want to be a more popular, more powerful blogger in 2014?  If you don’t have a blog, please don’t stop reading here.  You can definitely provide some good input as a reader too. It’s the time of year for giving and receiving, isn’t it?

If you blog, are you discouraged about your ability to generate more interest in what you do?  Are you truly stymied about what to do next? Maybe you even feel defeated, and are ready to give up on your blog posts for a while, or even permanently?

What are you feeling, my Blogger Friends?  Do you feel frustrated and like you are writing in a vacuum? Do you wonder why you don’t get more notice, more comments, more sharing? Do you wonder why more people don’t subscribe to your blog, or join your website’s mailing lists? I sometimes feel this way.   I read and listen to as many of the suggestions and pieces of advice from the marketing experts as I can. I find that either I have done much of what they tell people to do, or their advice doesn’t really apply to me, or to my type of audience.

Why do people blog?  Most people I know, or know of, blog to get more notice for work they do, or for a cause they believe in and support.  They do it to inspire people, to gain people’s trust, to teach and to build relationships with others. If they are in some sort of business, whether for profit, or non-profit, they do it to hopefully attract more clients or customers.

A smaller group does it for fun and self-gratification, or to see their words in print. Some of these folks do it as a form of journaling. When the writer of this type of blog is someone I know as a friend, I generally enjoy reading these, but definitely don’t read blogs like this when I don’t know the people. Unless I know the writer, I tend to find such blogs little more than narcissism, but that’s only my opinion.  That is not to say that a stirring, motivating blog post can’t have personal anecdotes and info in it, because I believe this makes them more real and more appealing, at least for me.

Occasionally somebody points me to a particular blog that is just plain enjoyable and humorous, but doesn’t have a big message, a lot to teach, or anything special to sell.  I like these, but admit I don’t read them often.  Maybe I should, but time is a big factor.

Personally, I guess I prefer to read blog articles that are inspiring and that teach me something, that change my perspective, or that remind me of, and help me to stay on a track I have chosen, and about which I may even feel a little insecure and therefore, need some validation, encouragement and motivation.

My next question is to my readers. If you are one of my valuable and welcomed readers, are you willing to post here what you like about my blogging? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?  Please don’t be shy. I know there are some of you who read, but don’t comment. If’s not so hard to post a comment.  If you don’t know how, I bet there is someone in your household who can show you.  I would really like to hear from you.

Here’s what I am requesting, as a Call to Action for this particular post.

If you are reading this, either as a subscriber to my blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblir, Stumble Upon, or wherever, do you have suggestions, ideas, or insights that you would like to share with other bloggers like me?  Here’s your opportunity to help us all become more popular, more powerful bloggers in 2014.   If I get some good kernels of wisdom, maybe they will go viral, with your name attached to your ideas. If you are reader and not a blogger, you will benefit by seeing more of what you like and want. It’s your chance to get your name out there, or out there more. So comment now, or contact me by email.

Here’s what I am offering to you if you are a blogger!  I understand that you are busy.  Most of us are busy nowadays,  but I want you to know that whenever possible, if you ask me to, I will do my best to read and  comment on your posts  if you will agree to do the same for me. Let’s make it a reciprocal giving time. It’s that time of year, isn’t it?? You have to ask, though.  Please don’t agree if this will be a chore or a burden. I will do my best to share your blog or website link too. The only time I won’t do that is if I find your topic morally, ethically or politically objectionable,  or in contradiction to my own strong values. I welcome different viewpoints always, but just won’t usually share or publicize things that are objectionable to me in those ways.

I will also offer a FREE 30 minute chat to the first 8 or 10 (depending on   my time slots)  people who comment and who request this.  On our call, we will brainstorm together some things you can put in place to increase your own exposure in 2014.  I will help you come up with a plan you can begin to implement. A New Year is for trying fresh, new things. What will I get out of it? I will get to know you for the first time, or to know you better, if we already know each other, and will probably get some new ideas for myself too. I won’t steal your special ideas but I know my creativity will be ramped up through this process of brainstorming.  It’s a Win-Win deal.  

I hope to hear from you soon, and if you comment or contact me, let me know the best way to reach you.

2014 is coming. Beautiful Bloggers, let’s make it a great year to spread our thoughts and wisdom around the world, to inspire others, to help others, and, if it is our goal, to get more clients and/or attention paid to the valuable work that we do. Awesome Readers, let’s make it a year that you find illumination, fresh inspiration, encouragement and enjoyment through the blogs you choose as your favorites. I hope mine will be one of them.


And while you’re here, did you catch my last post the other day? I think you’ll like it.

5 thoughts on “Here’s to More Popular, More Powerful Blogging in 2014

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  2. Iris:
    I am so grateful for the experience and wisdom that you share. I too am learning more about how to blog in a way that more people find helpful, useful, or inspirational. I attempt to stay between 150 and 400 words, although posting less or more as the topic seems to dictate. Your “sharing” of my posts on facebook has always provided a boost to the number of “hits.” Thanks for all your contributions.


    • Thank you so much, Tom. As you know, I am enjoying your blog greatly and it is a privilege to share your posts. You are a master at communicating very special thoughts in a small space. Alas, writing very brief things has not been my strong suit but I may experiment. I am delighted to share and thank you for any likes or shares as well.


  3. My dearest Iris,
    As a reader, I love to read inspiring thoughts. As a person pressed with time, I surely would prefer shorter posts that provide one idea at a time to reflect on.
    As a blogger myself, I always appreciate your comments. They keep me going. Like you, I feel that many read but don’t bother to comment or state they liked the post. I decided not ot let that irritate me. Now, I just write because I enjoy it & just to be out there online. To tell you the truth, I mentioned to my kids the other day, “when I pass away, you’ll have plenty of me to remember online too”. That’s the “legacy” I’d like to leave behind :) :) If they don’t read my posts now; then maybe they will later :) :)
    Hope that helps my friend :)


    • Wonderful comment. I never really thought about an on line legacy. Interesting but I guess it’s true that we can add this kind of legacy to our “estates”. As you can see, Dania, I continued our discussion about this and made it a blog post. My instinct tells me that shorter might be better, at least at times, but so far I haven’t been so good at that. I need to work on it. I think that coupling everyone’s scarcity of time nowadays with many people’s (at least in the US) short attention spans, shorter might get more readers. By the way, I loved your last post and haven’t found one of yours I didn’t enjoy and/or find helpful.


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